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Energy Connections Technologies

We optimize physical volume flows by connecting shippers

Did you know?

At least 40% of pump-over nominations could be completely eliminated

This represents over $USD 3 million/year for a 5 million bbl/month nomination

Manual search for location SWAPs is highly time and effort consuming

Schedulers tell us they spend more than 10 hours a month looking for optimizations to eliminate pump-overs.

Our Technology

ECT uses a powerful algorithm to integrate shipper schedules, identify redundancies and eliminate unnecessary pump-over nominations, ensuring information confidentiality.

Schedule Verification

ECT checks nominations against those of the trading partners. Discrepancies are marked and you get notified

Reduction of Risk

Physical movements are replaced by SWAPs: volume is already in the terminal. The risk of not having the volume is substantially reduced and availability increases.


Nominations are completely confidential and your information is secured.

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